The music business is (not) dead…

Heute habe ich eine Werbe-Email von Al Dawson bekommen. Dieser arbeitet für Earache Records USA. Auf Earache Records sind u.a. Bring Me The Horizon, The Dillinger Escape Plan oder Carcass gesignt… Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn: Ich fand diese Email hatte etwas mit unserem „The Future of Music“-Thema zu tun. Also viel Spass beim Lesen.

The music business is dead…
I hear this a lot these days, so the question might be – the music business is dead – so why bother even trying???

Well I can tell you right now the music business is NOT DEAD and in fact now more than ever people are listening to music – especially in these crappy economic times people need their music esp good loud pissed off metal music!

Everyone and their dog knows that cd sales are down way down from what they used to be, before the advent of Napster and file sharing software.
That is a fact!!
But the bottom line is there are still bands out there selling 100’s of thousands of cds right now, still making a living from touring the world, selling t-shirts, getting songs on film soundtracks, getting songs on video games etc
See the thing is changes happen: new technologies come to play and some people get left behind and some people adapt with the times
Look at the film industry – When movies first came out they said it was a novelty that would not last, when TV first came out in the 1950s they said „are you nuts people get to watch movies on TV , for free? The movie industry would not last!!“
When VCRS first came out in the 1970s people said „wow VCRS are great- for $5 you can rent the latest movie, don’t have to stand in line, pay for popcorn you can pause the film at anytime, no one talking behind you etc „
Of course every main street had about 10 video rental libraries and some of the larger movie theaters closed but then people got bored staying indoors all the time and the movie theaters invented the multiplex, these days even blockbuster is struggling to stay in business and every little mom and pop video club is out of business  – I think last year the movie business had one of their biggest grossing years ever!
So my point is don’t count the music business out just yet – don’t be fooled into just settling on being a hobby band – there are PLENTY of bands out there making great money playing music professionally – why not your band?
Al Dawson
Earache Records erreicht ihr HIER .
BK , 30.06.2009