pondering the statement „music needs musicology like birds need ornithology.“ what’s wrong with ornithology?

Gerade auf Twitter gefunden. Ein Gedankenfeld, dass mich auch des öfteren umgibt. Da muss man als Musikwissenschaftler erst mal schlucken… oder nicht? Wer hat denn all die verschollenen geglaubten Hasse-Opern wieder ausgegraben und zugänglich gemacht? Na also. Nichts ist falsch an der Ornithologie. Yep.

Found here Marrakesh Record

  • Music is hugely important to the age group. 60% of 16-24 year olds would rather go without sex than music for a week. This increases to 70% for 16-19 year olds.
  • Music consumption remains ubiquitous within the age group. 75% have watched a music video online in the last 3 months, 70% bought a CD, 62% listened to music on their mobile phone, 52% bought a music download and 45% played a music game on a games console.MP3 players are the most widely used device for listening to music (81% of the age group have used one in the past week), followed by the computer (80%), radio (71%), TV (68%), CD player (59%) and mobile phone (54%).
  • Radio is the most important medium for finding out about new bands/artists (67%). This is followed by friends’ recommendations (63%), and MTV and other music channels (49%). General interest, music magazines/newspapers and blogs achieve very low scores at 21%, 17% and 14% respectively.
  • You Tube has soared into pole position as the default website that this age group turn to for checking out new artists (38%). Myspace (and a band’s own website) come a distant joint second, each scoring 15%.
  • 70% of those who expressed a view do not feel guilty about downloading music for free from the internet.
    61% of the age group do not feel they should have to pay for the music they listen to. This is more marked amongst 15-19 year olds, of whom 69% do not feel they should have to pay.
  • The average price that respondents think is fair to pay for a CD album is just £6.58. For a download album the average drops to £3.91 and for a download single the average is 39p.
  • On average 43% of the music owned and enjoyed by the age group has not been paid for. This increases to 49% for 15-19 year olds.
  • If they were a big celebrity 42% of the age group would value respect for their music and creative freedom above all other factors. Money scores second at 20% and performing in front of massive audiences third at 14%.

Music 2.0 (Gerd Leonhard)

25. Februar 2009

Long Tail theory contradicted as study reveals 10m digital music tracks unsold – Times Online.

Na, bitte geht doch. Dies ist der Anfang eines wunderbaren Blogs über das kommende Schicksal der Musik.